Travel Destinations on Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the widest and most popular beach on Koh Samui, Thailand. This beach is located on the east coast of Koh Samui which stretches for about seven kilometers. This beach is divided into three regions namely North Chaweng, Central Chaweng and Chaweng Noi (Little Chaweng).

This beach has clean white sand and blue sea water. You can find various types of hotels in Koh Samui, one of which is Accor Hotels Samui. Not only that the panorama in this area is very beautiful.

Walking along the beach, swimming and snorkeling to see underwater life with various types of coral reefs is an activity that is often done by tourists. Not far from this beach two small islands can be visited. We can walk to the nearest first island on foot during low tide. While the second island can only be reached by snorkeling or boating because it is located some distance away.

Central Chaweng is the busiest area. In this area, there are many Thai food and beverage vendors. Various typical Thai souvenir sellers can also be found easily in this region. In addition, Chaweng Beach is famous for its nightlife, so that around the beach area scattered various restaurants, cafes, and bars that are open until late at night. Various types of lodging can easily be found around this area, just select one that suits your budget.

Some of the closest restaurants in the region include Khao San Restaurant Street, Seafood Center.

From Koh Samui Airport, we can use a taxi to go to Chaweng Beach which is only a few minutes to the south at a rate of around 400 Baht, or as agreed because the meter is rarely used by taxi drivers. Can also use a rental car with a rate of around 120 Bath per person.

But for this rental car will only go to the destination if it has filled five passengers. If you want a little adventure, we can rent two-wheeled vehicles at a rate of around 100-200 Baht per day and adjust the length of the rental time.