My trip this time in Sa Pa Vietnam

Who is not like shopping, especially if the money is not limited, right. One of the coolest activities besides hiking and trekking in Vietnam is shopping. Not just any shopping but shopping for fabric and knick-knacks typical of residents, the majority of whom come from the H’ mong tribes.

From the first time, you set foot in Sa Pa last year. Last year I visited Sa Pa by staying in one of the best 5-star hotels in Vietnam, Hotel des Arts Saigon, Mgallery, besides being good this hotel is very affordable, you can book it online on the website Since I visited Sa Pa, I have fallen in love with their handicrafts. Everything is so beautiful. Almost all traditional clothes from the H’ mong tribe are made by themselves and of course organic. Clothing dye is taken from plants and is produced in each person’s home. No wonder almost all the hands of H’mong mothers are dark indigo.

Aside from fabrics, clothes, bags, headgear, blankets and much more, usually the H’ mong are also smart with silver crafts. There are many accessories that they offer to tourists in Sa Pa. In addition to the Sa Pa market, some shops or boutiques sell goods that are sometimes the same as in the market or better at higher prices. There are also shops or even directly to the craftsmen.

For me, who doesn’t like shopping, I see a lot of handicrafts in Sa Pa, even to the point of being tempted. Go back and forth with Matt to the market or to shops to buy some souvenirs and clothes the style of Sa Pa residents. The clothes of the local population make you drool but after that, I was confused about where to wear because the material was quite thick.

For the price, because here most of the handicrafts, in fact, we can not be to bargain, yes. Poor people who are doing it. His eyes made sewers make embroidery or embroidery. How come it doesn’t have the heart to lower bargains. Maybe for those who have the heart to bargain, they can get more prices.

If you take a tour to Vietnam and continue to SAPA via the train, the train schedule available for tourists is night departures and arrives in the morning, both from Vietnam to SAPA and from SAPA to Vietnam. For details of the departure from SAPA at night and will arrive in Hanoi Vietnam in the morning. Where to adjust to the tour itinerary, then after arriving in Hanoi we need a place to rest for a while before continuing the journey to the next tourist location. Now, where is a suitable place to rest?

For that, you can try to rest at the Hotel des Arts Saigon, MGallery. The location of this hotel is strategic. We just walk as far as a few meters to the destination hotel. This hotel is a 5-star hotel. The place is quite spacious, the building is a multi-story building that is divided into hotel rooms. The hotel is quite comfortable and clean. The room is a standard size consisting of 2 beds, AC, TV, bathroom with hot water facilities, and breakfast for 2 people. For breakfast, they serve breakfast with quite a lot and an interesting menu.

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