Before Fixing Book a Room, Pay Attention to Hotel Secrets Rarely Known to Guests. This is important!

The hotel is one of the places to go, especially for traveling lovers. Apart from being a place to stop or rest, the hotel would be a reason for someone to go on vacation to somewhere. Those who are on honeymoon for example, which requires you and your partner more in the hotel than going for a walk. Or, for people who are tired of work, sometimes using the hotel as a resort with the aim of facilities and comfort.

For some people, choosing a hotel is only seen in terms of price. They do not see the conditions, facilities, to the services available at the hotel, choose the new hotel Sukhumvit with clear facilities and comfortable.

Actually there are some things that are rarely known by hotel guests about how the conditions and conveniences that can be found when staying. To be more careful and be able to maximize the moment of staying at the hotel, let’s refer to the following summary of tips.

Many third parties offer prices that are cheaper than the original price. Check before ordering!

Have you ever fad compared hotel prices with third parties? Third parties in this case are websites, applications, or special portals that provide hotel booking services. Sometimes the price of the hotel is far more expensive when compared to third parties. So, it would be nice if you are diligent to check third parties when booking a hotel. Well, not infrequently these third parties also offer special promos and of course lower prices, if you are in Bangkok you can visit the website which is definitely the price and facilities.

Don’t believe if the receptionist says, “All our rooms are the same”. There is always something less and more

When you choose a room, the receptionist usually says, “all our rooms are the same”. Reporting from the Brightside page, Jacob Tomsky, someone who has worked in the hotel business for years and wrote a book about hotel secrets says that each room is always different, some have a more beautiful appearance, a better bathroom, or a better TV , and wider room corner. So, don’t hesitate to give a tip at the reception so that you get a better room and get a different bonus. For example, free movies or minibar. Not bad, right?

Concerning security, never underestimate the chain door hook or card lock which turns out to be ‘tricked’

Stay at cheap or luxurious hotels though, always lock the door whenever you are in the room. No matter how sophisticated the door security system is, the chain lock system and the electronic card are easily tricked and opened. Even door hooks that use both iron and chains, can still be tricked from the outside of the room. That’s why, you still have to be vigilant by always locking the door, especially when you are showering or sleeping.

Do not rush to get food or drinks in the hotel, not all for free

All hotels must have food or beverage facilities in the hotel room. But, did you know that not all food in a hotel room is free? Food or drinks that are definitely free are water, tea or coffee on the hotel desk. In addition, food or drinks at the hotel are paid. If in your room there is a mini bar that contains luxury food or drinks, usually it’s paid. It’s good if you ask the room service or bellman, which food is paid and which food is free.

Finally, giving a tip on a doorman or bellman will make it easier for you to get extra service

Some people are lazy to give tips to the doorman or bellman. In fact, you yourself may never give tips to hotel employees, even though the service is satisfying. Apparently, this doorman or bellman can be a way to get all the conveniences, ranging from room upgrades to getting breakfast or dinner for free. So, if you have more fortune and want to be kind, set aside tips for hotel employees.